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Hockey Challenge 2014

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2-0 at the Sho

Tbirds make it two straight wins to open their new building with a 3-1 win over the Kamloops Blazers. Jacob DeSerres was the story tonight... he was solid and at times spectacular in making 33 saves on 34 shots to pick up the win. DeSerres stopped all 20 shots he faced in the 3rd period at the Blazers poured on the pressure as they were down 2-1.

Luke Lockhart, the just turned 16 year old from Burnaby, turned in another great night as he scored the Tbirds first goal, a Power Play goal, on the rebound of a Greg Scott shot. Lockhart looks like a like a player with some real potential and Sumner is obviously not afraid at all to throw him out there in just about any situations.

Greg Scott also had a solid game again notching the eventual game winner to go with his assist on the Lockhart goal. If you're only looking at the point totals you would think that Greg Scott is having a tough/bad year... but I think if you're only looking at the totals you have missed a lot of the near misses that Scott had early in the season and slowly the points are starting to catch up.

I also thought Stefan Warg had one heck of a game tonight and I think he had a great game last night as well and I think slowly Warg is really starting to live up to his potential as well. I thought Warg actually deserved a star tonight to go along with Scott, Lockhart and certainly DeSerres.

I know this was probably the last game we will see this happen for at least a while but I sure do kind of like seeing Sena Acolatse playing up front on a line with Wells and Lockhart. That line looked way too dangerous for a 16, a 17 and a D-man. While Sena will most likely move back to the blue line with Jim O'Brien expected back for Wednesdays game, I sure liked what I saw.

Those were the positives...

The negatives.... The Tbirds still did not manage to generate a whole lot of scoring chances and they missed the net with a ton of shots. 3 shots, 9 shots, and 5 shots just isn't going to get it done on most nights and while Acolatse and Prab Rai could have (and maybe should have) scored during a flurry in the 2nd period there were just too few chances generated by Seattle.

Hope everyone made it home safely in the snow!


Anonymous said...

What were your impressions of the actual ShoWare facility? I heard many complain about hallways that weren't wide enough, not enough concessions, bathrooms, etc. I know we experienced too many people standing in front of us or getting up and back to their seats during the action. And the idiotic throwing of debris on the ice was class-less and probably by some newbie to a hockey game.

Anonymous said...

i thought the birds played well tonight. started out slow, as always. the d looked solid, and we didnt take dumb penalties like the last 5 minutes of the everett game. i think silvester played a really good game, really had a good weekend. you said wells was on that line with lockhart and sena, but its actually silvester. that line really was the best line all weekend, atleast the most exciting to watch. i still think we need another scorer even with obrien. on regan bartels blog he talks about some of the moose jaw players who should be availible. it might be worth giving something up for bast or broda. especially since we actually got 2 first round picks last year with jacobs and sanvido. im excited about reading your trade deadline blog.

one last thing, did anyone read about how the everett coach blamed the refs for the loss on saturday. how bout his star player taking a dumb penalty and then getting his ass handed to him by brad haber. beach is a disgrace and fits the everett fan mold. sorry about your broken nose pal. check out if you are a tbird fan. im sure everyone will agree and laugh. keep the excuses coming everett...just like every time you loose. go birds


Thunnex said...

I find it really hard to complain about any part of the Sho. It is such an upgrade over everything we have had to deal with at Key Arena that I have a hard time being upset about anything. Is it perfect? Honestly... no it isn't... it's a work in progress, but I was also there for the first game at Qwest and the first game at Safeco and they weren't pefect either (not to mention more than 5 times more expensive). So I think the little things that people are picking apart will be fixed... they already obviously realized that the scoreboard was confusing and it looks like they will do something to fix it. I personally... haven't had any problem walking around, getting food, going to the bathroom, seeing the game or anything... so I don't exactly share the feelings of some others.

Also... comment 2... you are so right... I meant Silvester and I agree he has been playing very well lately as well on that line.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Thunnex. We had some issues first period intermission but by 2nd period it was better. Once the novelty goes away and all 6,125 fans aren't trying to get a hot dog or see the building for the first time the traffic flow around the building will improve. I like the team store, I like the "cleanliness" of the building. It isn't all nascar-ed out like everett with ads and buildboards, etc. it truly reminds me of an NHL style facility minus the upper bowl. I think it needs a better nickname than the ShoWare center. It needs some personality that isn't corporate. I didn't see the grungy looking dude in tie-die with his horn and flag at the game. While its good for new traditions to be introduced it would be too bad if the T-Birds of old lost some of the cool subculture from the olden days. I too went to games at Mercer and agree with Thunnex that the ShoWare is 1000% improvement over the Key.

Anonymous said...

totally agree on warg. i was very harsh on him early in the season and he is impressing me more and more each game. he still has a little too big of a defensive range than i would like, and frequently chases behind the net or tries to make a stop at the blue line (or maybe even before...), but as far as ive seen for the past couple weeks, his pinches are getting better timed and he is not caught out of position nearly as much as earlier in the year. heres to warg!!

Anonymous said...

I do find it hilarious that the scoreboard says what a treat when I actually went to see what it was..... Now c'mon everyone's favorite part of the arena is the water efficiant toilets

Anonymous said...

I read the comments made by Evt Coach Becanic and thought "oh boy, this guy is signing his own see ya later letter." I think that we see a coach's personality on the ice and the tips have their coach's personality all over him. Constatine would never allow Beach's behavior. I like the new Showare center, I think the blogger who said once the novelty wears off it will be fine. It reminds me of a canadian rink, say Nelson, Prince George etc etc. I think they did a great no nonsense facility... it sure has put some fire in the birds belly!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you on #20 Luke Lockhart. He'll be a fan favorite in Kent.

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