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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds lose ground to Kamloops, fall 3-1

Justin Leclerc did he best impression of a brick wall last night as Kamloops was able to hand the Tbirds their first regulation loss in the ShoWare Center.

Leclerc stopped 44 of 45 shots and at least a dozen of those were big time saves.

The Tbirds didn't play poorly, which is reflected in the 45 shots on goal, but they also suffered a few defensive breakdowns that lead to the 3 goals scored against goaltender Jacob DeSerres. DeSerres made 23 saves on 26 shots in the game.

As an added note... this was not the reason why Seattle lost the game, but Referee Tyler Johnson was an absolute joke last night. Way to defend the honor of my name! Johnson was just terrible and I can't believe the restraint Rob Sumner had on the post game show to avoid a $500 fine... I would have brought my checkbook to the interview. Yikes...

Seattle cannot afford to lament this loss too much with two big home games this weekend on Friday and Saturday. If you lose to Kamloops at home, you can get those two expected points back by beating Spokane at home on Friday and beating Portland on Saturday.

Right now my projections would be lowered to 81 points based on the loss last night.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Brutal officiating. Kamloops really got rewarded for picking a fight with Rai while he was just watching a scrum. How they didn't get an extra penalty I have no idea, seems it would be the definition of instigating.

But even with the bad officiating the T-birds had more than enough opportunity to put the puck in the net, just couldn't finish.

I think the thinning of the forwards (Nielsen and Richard) might be starting to show. I do agree with most of the posters I've seen and I like Sena as a forward, I think he has a more physical presence in that role.

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