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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Haas gone...

Colin Haas is no longer listed on the Tbirds roster... take that for what it is worth.


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell the Zamboni guy to slow down from goal line to goal line and speed up or turn down the water on the ends? The ice last night was pretty rough. The goalies needed flippers and the skaters needed knee braces at the beginning of each period. I'm sure they will get the bugs worked out soon, but wow that was bad. The new arena is nice, though. Too bad the crowd was a little sparse, but a nice building. Also, the crowd nazis need to be told not to allow fans to enter until there is a stoppage of play. For a minute I thought I was in Everett.

Anonymous said...

whos going to take haas's spot on the roster if we havent acquired anyone

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