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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle drops another one...

It just seems like every time this team comes close to really breaking through with a good stretch of hockey, they take a step backwards and now have lost 4 of 5 games after the thrilling come from behind victory over Tri-City at home.

I would have to think based on the way they are playing that Seattle is going to have a hard time catching Kamloops for the 5th place spot in the Western Conference as they now sit 7 point back with only 2 games in hand. A win at home last week and a win last night and Seattle would now be 1 point ahead of Kamloops with 2 games in hand.

Like I have said previously... this just shows you how truly important these games are and especially the head to head games. Seattle has another one of those games Friday in Everett (aka the house of horrors) with a chance for a 4 point swing in the race to catch Everett for 6th.

Game stories can be found by Gregg Drinnan here and here.


Kodi said...

One thing that I have been noticing is the lack consistency with the lines.

I do understand we have players out but having completely new lines night in and night out never seems to help. I've never played so I'm not one that actually knows but you would think that having the same lines together for a period of time you can get more consistent play and players would learn those nuances.

Thunnex said...

I'm not sure this will be a good answer, but it can be a bad thing and it could also be something that doesn't matter.

If the team isn't playing well and the lines aren't working, keeping them together won't really matter.

Generally speaking... I do think playing with the same linemates game after game can help a lot. You start to know exactly where each other is going to be and that can help with the instincts of reading the play and decision making.

Injuries are making it pretty tough for Sumner to do that right now.

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