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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds open the ShoWare Center with a win...

and much more to come tomorrow. I took a lot of pictures tonight and I will have a lot more to say tomorrow. I have been out celebrating with some of the 20 friends I helped get to the game tonight and I hope many of you were doing the same. I think you can again find a lot of fault in the Tbirds game tonight, but the most important fact was the 4-0 lead that the Tbirds built that basically put the game away.

I know the Tips got the game back to a 4-3 final but the outcome of the game was never really in doubt until perhaps the last 30 seconds.

More importantly... this marks a very historic night in the history of Seattle hockey and the night and the arena was much bigger and more important than the final score. The Tbirds could have lost 10-0 and it would have only slightly put a damper on the overall feeling that I have about the evening. This begins a new era of Thunderbirds Hockey... and what a beginning it was.

More tomorrow... I promise....

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Anonymous said...

It was definitely a great game tonight. CLOSE and worrysome near the end, but T-Birds still pulled through!

This site just opened for all you annoyed fellow hockey fans toward the people who just don't seem to get the picture regarding the ShoWare Arena rules.

located at

Enjoy! Pass it on! GO T-BIRDS!!!!

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