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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Thunderbirds hold serve on home ice...

This was a well played game by both teams tonight and Seattle comes away with the 3-1 victory.

I thought the Tbirds played well and I thought the Silvertips at times played just as well and tonight was a matter of Seattle getting the bounces and Everett did not. Both teams probably "deserved" to win but it was fitting for each team to win on home ice the last two nights.

Jeremy Boyer finished the game with a goal and an assist, while Chris Cloud finished with the Gordie Howe hat-trick getting a goal, an assist and a fight in the victory.

Jacob DeSerres is back... and tonight was another example. DeSerres stopped 34 of 35 shots and controlled the puck brilliantly all night long. If DeSerres plays this way and into the playoffs, Seattle could become a very difficult team to deal with in the playoffs.

Seattle is back to the ShoWare Center tomorrow night to face the Tri-City Americans. Tonight was a game I expected them to win and they did... tomorrow against the Americans is a game where a point or two will go a long way towards getting to the #5 spot in the Western Conference and a win over the Ams will help keep them alive for a shot at the #4 spot.


Trevor's Dad said...

What happened to Pickard in Everett friday night? I saw that he get pulled halfway through the third.

Can someone give me a fight report? Particular the Sylvestor - Dailey bout.

My son is a goalie and had a 7:00 pm hockey game tonight and we had to miss the game.

Thunnex said...

I can't really fully comment on Pickard on Friday, because I wasn't at the game. He gave up 5 goals on 19 shots, which might not be entirely his fault but would indicate the reasoning behind getting pulled.

On the Silvester-Dailey fight, wasn't really much of a fight with the two getting tangled after Heemskerk covered a puck in front of the net. Dailey stood up for his goalie, Silvester wrestled him to the ice. Punch-wise a draw, overall fight a slight advantage to Silvester for the take down.

Trevor's Dad said...

Good to see Jacob playing like he did last year again. I wonder if it was hard to adjust back to the Junior game after being at the flyers camp or did his draft selection go to his head and he stopped working hard.

I hope to see a Pickard - Pickard matchup tomorrow night.

Mr Tell13 said...

what happened to Jacob is in the beginning of the season (and Thunnex can correct me if I am way off track) is that he had a few bad games, the D did not play well for him, maybe had a lot of preassure on his shoulder (maybe more from himself being drafted and not signed yet). They started to win with Calvin and Jacob did not get the starts to play thru is slump. The kid was working is butt off but practice are just that ...pratice.

Thunnex said...

I would tend to agree with the last comment. The defense was horrible to start the season and that contributed to a barrage of early goals.

In addition, I think technically speaking he was carrying his glove low and he was getting beat a lot more than normal over his glove side and that seems to have been corrected lately.

Once he had a few bad games and Pickard played so well he became the #2 goalie and it beomes impossible to find any kind of groove when you are only playing every 3rd game at the most.

It seems that Pickard going off to the U-17s was probably the best thing that could have happened for him because he was able to play every game and slowly get his confidence back.

stbird said...

just wanted to say that last nights game may be the best the birds have looked all season. everyone playing physical for once. Rai was hitting obrien was hitting, it seemed to be contagious. we need to be that kind of physical team to climb in the standings. hope we play that way tonight when we play tri.

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