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Wells suspended two games...

Confirmation from the league website that Charles Wells has been suspended 3 games for his CFB Major penalty last Friday against the Spokane Chiefs.

Couple of observations about this...

I think the suspension is ridiculous but is not unexpected. Wells had already sat out 2 games and will only need to sit out tonight's game against Kamloops to complete the suspension.

Because the player in question (Ryan Letts) from Spokane was legitimately injured by the play I think the league really didn't have a choice but to sit Wells down for a few games. While I disagreed with the initial penalty and I disagree with the suspension, chances are that Letts will wind up sitting out more games than Wells... so I can understand where a 3 game suspension isn't that bad when compared to the games Letts might miss.

I also think the length of the suspension is questionable when compared to the 3 game suspension that Kyle Beach also just received from the league. Beach has been suspended based on "action" at the end of a recent game against Red Deer where he reportedly shot a puck into the crowd at the end of the game and wound up injuring a fan. The point of this is NOT to bash Kyle Beach and make this a discussion about him. Quite frankly, I didn't see what he did so I can't sit here and say "oh typical Beach"... but the league clearly decided he did something wrong in order for him to be tagged with a 3 gamer.

The point of this is.... If the league is essentially stating that either Beach intentionally shot a puck into the crowd or at the acted with poor judgement, I find it hard to believe that what Wells did is an equally offensive crime.

Something to debate I suppose....

EDIT: Also... the WHL weekly update has Lindsay Nielsen is out only 2 weeks with David Richard out 2-4 weeks. That seems like pretty good news to me on Nielsen


Anonymous said...

So anytime a player is injured there should be a suspension? Seems to be what this suspension is saying.

Yes, good news on Nielsen, we really need to get all our more skilled forwards back to give us some depth.


Thunnex said...

I guess so... I can't imagine how the league could have seen a good replay of that play and considered that a 3 game suspendable offense. I think a lot of us, including Rob Sumner, questioned whether a major penalty should have even been called in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised a penalty was even called. Looked like a very benign hit. Letts seemed to have caught an edge just before Wells made what appeared to me to be shoulder to shoulder contact. The fact that there was subsequent suspension levied has me scratchin' my head! 3games? Seriously? There was no intent on Wells' part. And he has no prior behavior to merrit a lengthy suspension. Looks like he's being tagged for the injury to Letts and not for the play its' self.
You used the latest Beach incident as an example questioning how they came to the magic number of 3 games. I'll use the two Lethbridge players who chose to come off the bench and participate in a post game brawl. One received 3 games and the other only 2. So was the hit Wells put on Letts equal to or in one case WORSE than what those guys did?


Anonymous said...

How many games did the guy get for putting Wells out for 8 months with a knee injury.

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