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Hockey Challenge 2014

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ShoWare Center Eve

My disgust from Wednesday night has faded to a certain extent. I had conversations with a few fans and we all seemed to say the same thing. Portland has been piling up some young talent for a couple of years now and eventually that was going to pay off... so to expect Seattle to win every single game against Portland this season just isn't realistic and you could probably expect that the Tbirds were going to lose 2 or maybe even 3 games to the Winterhawks this year.

If you lose 4-3 and you played hard and Portland just played a little better or if the bounces just didn't go your way... that we can all live with. To get beat by that Portland team 5-1 and then essentially 4-0 (because those last two PP goals were essentially meaningless) and to look so bad doing it in both games is just a huge disappointment.

Let's hope that when the ShoWare Center opens tomorrow night there is a certain buzz and energy in the building that Key Arena has just never been able to provide, and let's hope that this team channels that energy into their play on the ice. If the Tbirds lose their home opener to the Silvertips it really won't mean anything in the long run... but it sure will be a LOT more fun if they can win the opener and get things started on the right foot. I just hope that pressure doesn't cause the team to squeeze their sticks just a little bit tighter trying to do it for the home crowd. The balance of the energy and the pressure is crucial to the game tomorrow.

Also... in case anyone forgot... tonight will be the Grand Opening event at the Sho. I will be down there later in the night in the event that anyone wants to say hello... of course you have to recognize me first!

I'll try to take as many pictures as I can and get them up here tonight for anyone who cannot make it down tonight.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the TBirds played 4 games in 5 nights and were without Hickey, OBrien and Pickard.

Anonymous said...

Nearly every team in the league is missing players you knothead. And because the various tournaments want your best players, it is seen as an honor. Do you expect them to invite your third line or your second d-pairing? Well, maybe if you're Vancouver they do. As far as the scheduling, look around, it happens all the time. Snap out of it.

Anonymous said...

Every team are missing players, and you played those games at home too. Not too much travel. No more excuses! Lets face it the T-birds stink right now

Brian in SHerwood

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