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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Moller Update

Don't get too excited... I don't know anything yet... and you guys are likely to hear from the Thunderbirds about Moller coming back before I do.

Rich Hammond has reported today on his blog that Moller has been ruled OUT of the Kings next game on Thursday. I've seen a few people posting on the message boards that since Moller has rejoined the Kings and has been practicing with them that he is somehow not going to be sent back to Seattle.

I contend that it would be enormously premature to predict what will happen based on that. I have suspected all along that the Kings would likely wait until he is healthy, activate him for a game or two or perhaps even a small handful to determine where he is at and where they are at.

Moller has played in 30 games with the Kings this season averaging right around 13.5 minutes of ice time per game.... but in his first 15 games he was averaging 14.2 minutes and in the past 15 he has been playing about 12.7 minutes per game and over the last 4 games before leaving for the WJC he was getting only 10.7 minutes per game.

If Moller returns to the Kings lineup on Saturday, watch for the ice time minutes. If the ice time is around 15 or above... I think the chances of him coming back take a serious hit. If they below 15 and closer to 10 or perhaps lower... I would seriously look for Los Angeles to be sending him to Seattle by the end of next week.... just a hunch.

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