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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Some Pictures

These are only the decent pictures I took last, I took a bunch of others that were crappy.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics.

Brian in Sherwood.

P.S. I think i should start my own blog.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Brian from Sherwood you made me laugh. I have read your comments on other blogs and usually think you are some kind of knuckle head,at least you are considering my advice.

Anonymous said...

which advice was that?

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

to start your own blog you knucklehead :)

Anonymous said...

why do you think I am a knucklehead?

Anonymous said...

sorry, I meant knucklehead in the kindest way... I read your comments on Andy Kemp's blog so I feel like I know you...It was out of line..

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