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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Seattle vs. Kelowna Game Thread

I'm scoreboard watching from home tonight... I see the Tbirds have a 1-0 lead.

Use the comments here to give your thoughts on what happens at the game tonight.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you that's about as close to stealing a game as you can get. I thought the T-birds played good, yet Kelowna played solid as well. In the end Pickard was making some spectacular saves especially in the 2nd. Which shut down a team with a lot of offense.

Anonymous said...

We got lucky to get 2 points. Birds went almost 20 minutes without a shot after they scored the first goal. great scoring opp's for both teams.

Anonymous said...

How about referee Derek Herman getting a call right and waving off the Kelowna goal because of the obvious goaltender interference. Seattle was getting shots but could someone paint a target on the net so those shots are actually on goal. I counted at least a dozen that were either high or wide.

stbird said...
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stbird said...

I thought it was a good game. I don't think we got lucky to get 2 points. the Birds played well. There was a pretty big shot difference but i thought attack zone wise,and scoring chance wise, it was about the same.

Rob Sumner continues to change up lines, but it seems to be working. Parker scored the first goal playing on the first line with Rai and Scott, and on the power play.

also Hickey had an assist in the game, extending his point streak to 10 games.

Other scoring. Of course the game winner from O'brien in OT. The Sho erupted when that went in. good crowd.

Anonymous said...

You might not have been lucky to pick up the 2 points, but you were lets say " happy to get" them. The T-birds were outshot 2 to 1 . Lets not forget the Rockets still received one point for the overtime loss

Anonymous said...

I agree with stbird, I don't think we were dominated, it was a very entertaining game to watch. As the T-birds know from recent games, outshooting an opponent doesn't mean you are outscoring them.

3 Star (Arena)

I'm not sure how O'Brien didn't get a star since he had 1g 1a and the goal was the game winner. I was thinking in OT that the 3 stars would be goalie, goalie, and whoever got the game winner. I wish the media would learn that just because Hickey wears the C it doesn't mean he has to get a star every game. Though as usual Hickey did have a solid game.


Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with Hickey wearing the "C", it has everything to do with him being the best player on the ice most nights. The three stars are selected with about 5 mins left in regulation, so they were selected long before the game was decided.
Any team is happy to get two points, it means a "W". By no meams were the shots indicative of the play. This was a very evenly played game.

Anonymous said...

stop wearing your Thunderbird glasses

Anonymous said...

Stop showing your ignorance.

Thunnex said...

kids... if we can't have a little better discourse, I would politely request that you go clog up a message board somewhere with that kind of stuff.

It's certainly ok to just agree to disagree.

It kind of sounds to me like both teams deserved at least a point but that Kelowna probably deserved the 2 more than Seattle... stuff happens and Seattle earned the second point.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tyler, but I have to disagree. Pickard definately deserved the two points and his teams mates rewarded him by getting them.
It was a hard fought battle from start to finish. We were outshot, but not outscored, not out hustled and at no point were we out of the game!

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