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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tuesday vs. Medicine Hat

Nice article this morning on Thomas Hickey in the Seattle Times. I love the fact that the article is the lead story on the Sports page but you know if that is the case it must be a real slow news day for the Times.

Either way, it's a nice article by Jim Riley and can be found here.

Tough week for the Tbirds coming up with a home game tonight against a pretty decent Tigers team who sits 4th in the Eastern Conference, but plays a lot tougher at home. I have counted this as a half win for the Tbirds so getting 1 point would be expected and 2 points would actually be a small bonus, but these are the types of games you have to have down the stretch.

Seattle then immediately leaves the ShoWare Center and heads to Kamloops to play the Blazers tomorrow night in what will surely be a very difficult game to win as the Blazers will be home, rested and waiting for the Tbirds to arrive. Friday the Tbirds travel to Everett where they have not played well all season before returning home to play a dangerous Kelowna team while playing their 4th game in 5 nights.

I hate to even mention it... but this could very quickly turn into a 4 loss week if Seattle isn't careful. 10 points behind Kelowna, having played one more game than the Rockets... these games are all very important if Seattle wants any shot as the 4th or 5th spots.

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