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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Back to hockey...

TBirds are in action tonight to start another big 3 in 3 weekend in their hunt for the 5th spot in the conference.

Couple of notes...

- Some of you have heard about the Albany bus crash that happened early yesterday morning. To clarify what I actually know... Benn Olson was on the bus and he is ok. It was a very long, difficult night for obvious reasons but he managed to escape without serious injury. Four players and one broadcaster were kept at the hospital overnight for observation but the Coach Jeff Daniels has stated that none of the injuries were life or career threatening. The River Rats were to play tonight at home and that game has been rescheduled. The players were to meet today and decide whether they wanted to play Sunday's scheduled game. From reports... the team had their equipment scattered over the road as well and goaltender Justin Peters goal mask had been flattened like a pancake and the team wasn't even sure they had the equipment available to play. Here is hoping that all the players recover both physically and mentally.

- I am working on a prospect update for some 1992 born players, but I think I will wait until early next week to post that with the 3 games on tap this weekend.

- Interesting that the post about Griffey elicited some responses.....

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler HOOON-NIX,

You were the lucky season ticket holder fan of the night for the PP giveaway thing...too bad we never put one in! Glad we got the win

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