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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Tbirds lose 7-3, eh whatever

Here is all you need to know about the Tbirds game last night...

Spokane is better than Seattle

Spokane plays well at home

Seattle plays poorly on the Road

The game was played in Spokane


7-3 butt whipping...

I'm sorry to say this to hardcore Tbirds fans who don't care about baseball... but the most important news of yesterday was Ken Griffey, Jr. coming back to Seattle. Growing up I played mostly baseball and hockey and my two favorite players were Junior and Glen Goodall. For obvious reasons Goodall can never return to the Tbirds... but Junior could and now he has. This is a truly exciting moment in Seattle sports and even if he hits .220 it is pretty cool to know that the iconic figure of a local franchise is returning for his swan song.


Anonymous said...

The Kings assigned Bud Holloway to the ECHL... Granted Holloway had absolutely nothing to prove in the WHL. It might have been nice to see him as a 20 year old here this season. We all knew he wouldn't be back but if they weren't going to play him. Maybe he should have been here for his 20 year old year.

On your other post I know people here are excited for Griffey. For a one year deal it's good for the fans. But I think fans should forget about past history because there really isnt any. When you haven't even made a World Series or for that matter won more than 1 game in the ALCS you don't really have history. The 116 wins were nice but what did it really do? Exciting, Yeah... But fans will never know exciting until they have seen a World Series atmosphere. Anyways I hate talking baseball before August it's too time consuming. As long as the Mariners take there rightful place behind the Angels in the standings than i'm just fine.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Josh! In your first paragraph did you just write about a player the T-birds used to have ,could have possibly had this year, who played for a team that's never won squat with or without him?

And then in the next paragraph advise Mariner fans to forget about the past history because they don't really have a history because they've never won anything.

Your either a really funny guy or your smoking something I'd like to get my hands on!!!

Anonymous said...

First off the WHL and MLB are two completely different things in so many ways.... I simply said it would benefit Holloway more to be in Seattle this year since he is not playing for Manchester.... Don't let your Griffey excitement get your panties in a bunch. No where did I say that Bud Holloway will lead us to WHL Titles. Once again I was stating that he should be where he is playing the most... any fan of junior hockey knows a young drafted player should be playing otherwise it's kind of a waste....Anyhow baseball that's not in October is about as fun as watching paint dry.... Comparing junior hockey to MLB....priceless.

Back to the blog's purpose, any word on Benn Olson in that bus crash yesterday. I didn't hear if he was on it or not?

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