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Hockey Challenge 2014

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How much is 9:09 minutes worth?

Oscar Moller was finally activated by the Kings last night and played 9 minutes and 9 seconds in their 2-0 loss to Calgary.

Tons of questions... and not many answers.

Does 9 minutes of playing time indicated that the Kings are set on keeping him with the big club?

Is 9 minutes a game in the NHL more beneficial to a players development than 25-30 minutes per game in the WHL?

How much more valuable is NHL ice time to WHL ice time? The debate isn't which is more important... playing in the NHL is obviously better competition, etc. The question is... for the benefit of the development of the player, which is better?

Is NHL ice time twice as important as WHL ice time? 3 times? Is it not even measurable? Is it simply a case where if he plays for the Kings at all that he should stay with them?

What happens if the Kings wait until the NHL trade deadline (March 4th) to tell Seattle they want to send him back? Do the TBirds still want him... knowing that they will have to upgrade the draft pick to Chilliwack to a 2nd round pick?

I'm not sure I have the answers to these questions. If I allow myself to be completely biased, it seems to me like playing 25-30 minutes in the WHL, playing on a top line with two other NHL properties, logging a ton of Power Play time for the rest of the regular season and into the playoffs... would be more valuable than 9 minutes a night in the NHL.

In addition... Luca Sbisa was sent back by Lethbridge after playing in 39 games because after 40 games it counts as a full year of progress towards the players Free Agency year. Do the Kings wait until Moller reaches 39 games and then sends him back?

I don't have any idea what is going to happen and this issue might still hang in limbo for a longer period of time.


Kodi said...

Is it bad that I was watching the gamecast on ESPN last night and cringed everytime I saw his minutes go up. I think it's the first time I actually wanted a good player to not get time on the ice lol.

Anonymous said...

He's only 19 and LA is going nowhere this season so they should send him here to get some real ice time. 3 mins per period does nothing for him or the Kings.

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