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Tbirds get past Chilliwack...

This is Chris Cloud driving hard to the net right before dishing to Devon LeBlanc, who made his return tonight and scored the game winning goal in the 3rd period as the Tbirds got themselves a 3-1 win over the Bruins.
Quite honestly... Seattle looked tired tonight and they have struggled with the Bruins all season long in their match-ups. I think someone made a very astute comment earlier today that the Tbirds seem to play to the level of their competition and Chilliwack just isn't a very good team.
The good news is the bigger picture... Seattle took 4 out of 6 possible points over the weekend and have gotten themselves into 6th place in the Western Conference and within striking distance of Kamloops for 5th place.
Calvin Pickard was again solid tonight stopping 24 of 25 shots. I really dislike the 2 goaltender approach and I think Jake and Calvin have shown me again this season why I don't like it. Both Calvin and Jake have played much better when they have been allowed to string together a streak of games. Jake played very well while Calvin was away and now Calvin is playing well while Jake is a little banged up. I wish this team would just settling on a goaltender and treat the other guy like a backup... whoever that is going to be.
Seattle has another busy and difficult week ahead... playing at Spokane on Wednesday night, home against Spokane Friday, at Portland Saturday before returning home for another game against the Vancouver Giants. That is 3 out of 4 games where Seattle would be considered the underdog.
Photos courtesy of Mick White - Kent Valley Sports and all game photos can be found here.


Anonymous said...

i agree, i think jake is gone after the season. i think we trade him and bring in either a top 4 d guy, or a top scorer. i think calvin has been better than jake this season, and yeah calvin has had some spotty games, but remember, hes only 16, and is going to be a great talent. i think this year is a wash up. i think the talent is in place, but to many distractions (new arena, ton of early away games, hickey being gone, coming back, then being gone again) have all added to this disappointing season. i think next year and the year after is going to be a lot different. i think the improved play of fleming, silvester, wells, parker, lockhart, lund, and the future looks bright with sanvido and jacobs next year (by the way, im excited to read about some other prospects). its also going to be nice to have our are 3 20 yr olds already with the team, instead of having to trade and get some. i think our 20 yr olds next year will be neilsen, rai (im hoping he comes back) and richard. i think with the core of our team coming back, and a few trades to get a scorer (which we will for sure need with scott and obrien gone for sure) and another defenseman (with hicks gone). this is what im hoping for

rai new scorer parker
richard neilsen wells
silvester jacobs boyer
lund lockhart sanvido

warg acoloste
new d guy haber
dillon fleming
chaffin trumbley ( or other prospect)

and pick up a goalie to BACK UP pickard

i think we will be a young team, but with the time that the guys that are here now, are getting, next season could end up being big... no distractions, no new arena. but how nice would one more year of hickey be..... like to know what you think guys...


Anonymous said...

I think Schappert is one of your 20s for next season. He'd be your best and most experienced "d" man returning. If you're trading for a younger, 18 or 19 yr old d man then you're going to have to give something. Better just to keep Schappert, then let your three forwards fight it out for the last 20 spot. Also, Rai could sign and go play pro next season and that could settle the issue.

Anonymous said...

If Rai does leave then maybe Schappert takes the 3rd spot. He will be the most experienced D but best? I disagree. Warg, Haber and Dillon will all outplay him next year. In my opinion Haber and Warg already are.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with that assessment of Schappert, but if that's how you see it, that's fine, we'll just agree to disagree. Schappert may not do anything spectacular but he's steady and consistent. I'd be very concerned about this team not having an overager on the blue line next season since they are going to be very young back there otherwise, with a 17 yr old goalie and very young forwards as well.

Anonymous said...

having schappert really isnt that important. yeah he is a veteran, but you can say that about all of the d coming back, because they all will besides hickey. haber will be in his third year, same with dillon, and sena. chaffin will be better, as will fleming. not to mention warg is a nhl prospect being drafted by anahiem. i think our defense will be are strong point. i think having our 20 year olds up front will benefit were our youth really is. but if rai doesnt come back, its a no brainer we keep schappert unless you can get a proven 20 yr old scorer via trade.


Anonymous said...

Dillon has not had a very good
2nd season, Acolatse was moved to forward (and not because of injuries) and may or may not go back to D next year. Haber's been serviceable but he's also been paired up with Hickey all season. Warg has been okay and should be better next season. I think the biggest improvement will come from Fleming, who has shown some offensive upside while playing forward. For all those reasons, I'd keep Schappert and be surprised if the they don't.

Kodi said...

Not to beat a dead horse but Gregg's block had some interesting quotes about Oscar and the way it sounds this could end up being a Russ "is it worth it" call

"Something left over from Sunday: The Los Angeles Kings assigned F Oscar Moller, 19, to the AHL’s Manchester Monarchs on a conditioning assignment. His WHL rights belong to the Seattle Thunderbirds, who acquired them from the Chilliwack Bruins on Jan. 10. Moller returned to the Kings from the World Junior Championship — he played for Sweden — with a broken clavicle and has played just one game since then. . . . L.A. head coach Terry Murray told the L.A. Times on Saturday that “Moller would have to play on the top two lines to stay with the Kings, and he didn't want to disrupt his line combinations to make room for him.” . . . Moller is able to stay on his conditioning stint for two weeks before the Kings are required to make a decision on his immediate future."

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot, Chaffin as a 17 yr old d-man, has been a healthy scratch quite a lot for a former
1st rd bantam pick. he played more as a 16 yr old.

Thunnex said...

I know... the story just won't die. I wanted it to die, I'm a bit tired of thinking about it... but the fact is.. Moller still might wind up in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Here is an orginal thought:

Lets either discuss the sttendence in the new arena or the possibilities of Oscal Moller to the T-birds.

Brian in Sherwood

P.S. If Oscar does come back, your attendence better increase too.

ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Brian in Sherwood,

Talk about Moller coming to the Birds and Attendance are the hot topics of the day on the Tips' forum. Knock yourself out!

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