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Moller sent out... but not to Seattle

The Kings have sent Oscar Moller to Manchester on a "conditioning assignment".

Let me try to clarify a few things for everyone...

First... note that they have not "assigned" Moller to Manchester. Reason being... as far as I am aware he is not allowed to play in AHL games.

A player who is drafted from the CHL is subjected to CHL rules... even if they are not an American or Canadian player. So to my knowledge... he cannot play games at Manchester.

He did play a couple of games last year in the playoffs for Manchester and that is because the restrictions are lifted for playoff games. Same as in the WHL where a 15 year old can play as many games as they want once the team reaches the playoffs.

I think this pretty much closes the book on Moller coming to Seattle. Clearly the Kings have no intention of playing him in NHL games at this moment in time but that they do intend to play him at some point during the rest of this season. In addition... if I am Russ Farwell.. at some point you ask the Kings not to send him back to lose out on the draft pick upgrade.

I will also add this...

Seattle fans are being selfish by wanting him to come to Seattle... and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I don't care about the LA Kings... I wish them well... but I follow the Thunderbirds, so I want THEM to do well.

But wanted Moller to come to Seattle for selfish motivations... does NOT mean that the reasons why he should be sent to Seattle are selfish.

You simply cannot convince me, ever, that a player is getting the most out of their development by simply practicing with the team and not playing in games. If that were true... you wouldn't even need the AHL or the ECHL. Games matter... a lot in fact and playing in games is very important. Does Moller have anything left to prove in the WHL, no he doesn't... but there is no way he is enhancing his development by simply practicing with the Kings and watching games from the Press Box.

So in conclusion... wanting Moller to come to Seattle is selfish, but that doesn't mean the logic behind sending him here is wrong.

I think this issue will linger for another couple of weeks... but I have a feeling now that he will not be coming to Seattle.


Anonymous said...

speaking of 15 year old... are you going to any prospect post this season???? im intrested on how some of our top prospects are doing and which 15 yr olds might be coming up and playing a few games. i really thought jacobs looked real good the few games he played here, i think he played 2 games, one away, and one home. maybe give us an update and him and some others.

with that being said, im disappointed that moeller isnt coming. i kind of figured that he wouldnt. but i think its intresting they sent him to a team he cant play with until the playoffs. oh well, sometimes bringing in a star in a playoff run can interrupt team chemestry. even though this team doesnt have much this year. anyways, we looked good last night, to bad we cant do that on the road. go birds.


Thunnex said...

Yeah that is a great idea. I'll work on that for next week. I hadn't really thought about that with all the Moller stuff lately.

I think the most likely thing for Moller is they are just sending him to Manchester for a week or so, bringing him back to LA and expecting that he will play about 10 minutes a night. At this point though... heck that's just a guess.

Nathan Fournier said...

Moller can play games with Manchester on a conditioning assignment.

Thunnex said...

That would be news to me... but you might be right. I guess we'll find out pretty quickly tomorrow if/when he plays for Manchester.

I think we can probably close the book on Moller.... and since I have now said that, things will probably change in the next 48 hours.

Anonymous said...

well said Tyler and i agree this should close the book on him coming here. I just hope LA was telling Russ what the deal was from day one.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the Giants whining about Gretzky sending Turris to the minors

This is the Tbirds team. Deal with it

Anonymous said...

why would the Giants whine? They are are 48-5!!! We are 27-28, big difference!

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