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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I'm bored...


I feel like I haven't had anything to write about all week and it's a little disappointing.

There is no update on Moller, who still has not played for the Kings since returning from injury and I have no clue what that does to the probability that he comes to Seattle.

The Tbirds are stuck in this exhilarating race for the 5th to 7th spots in the Western Conference, where their playoff destiny likely will hinge on the match-up in the first round.

Who would you rather play in a 7 game series..... Tri-City, Spokane or Kelowna??

This weekend looms large... as Seattle will be "favored" to only win 1 of the 3 games on tap. Anything more than 2 points will be somewhat unexpected and 4 points or more would be outstanding.


Anonymous said...

Im not bored. Im excited to hang out with friends and have a couple cold ones at the SHO!!

Kelowna, because then maybe I will go and visit my cousins.


stbird said...

Man that's a tough one.

I going to go with,.... Spokane.

But we have actually played well against all three.

Anonymous said...

Amazing game tonight! Greg Scott, wow! Tom Hickey was the best defenseman on the ice tonight. Great win.

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