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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Moller Update and Photos

First off... I know most of you may have already seen this but Rich Hammond at Inside the Kings is reporting that the Kings are at least thinking about sending Moller to Seattle.

This isn't really anything we didn't already pretty much know about... but it is more or less a public statement by Lombardi that they are considering sending him back.

I still stick to my initial prediction that he plays a couple of games and if his minutes just aren't there he will be coming to Seattle. The Kings play at home tonight, Saturday and Monday. I suspect we will know something by Tuesday.


I'm very happy and pleased to announce that local photographer and Tbirds fan Mick White has given me permission to use his game photos on the blog. Mick and his team take a ton of pictures at the Tbirds game and I am quite honestly thrilled to be able to borrow his stuff and use it on the blog.

Quick reminder to donate to my team for the Hockey Challenge. You can do that here. Please reference the E&D Team Tyler Hunnex.


stbird said...

Don't get me wrong, it would be great to have Moller on our team. My only question would be, What happens to the lines we already roll? Especially when we finally get all of our injured players back. Who becomes the odd man out? I guess one of our younger guys.

Kodi said...

Considering we haven't had consistent lines for over a month it's kinda hard to say how Rob would roll them

I would probably roll something like this:

Speed Line: O'Brien - Rai - Boyer

Finesse Line: Scott - Moller - Nielson

Hitting Line: Cloud - LeBlanc - Parker

Young Line: Acolatse - Wells - Silvester

If Luuuuuke plays I would put him in the hitting line and move Parker down and sit Silvester and if the Franchise plays then have Wells sit. Heck at this point you could also look at having Sena move back to defense at that point just because we have so many skaters (I prefer him up front though and it would be neat to see him on a Cloud/LeBlanc line during a Portland game)

Kodi said...

oops forgot about Richard!!! I would probably put him in the Hitting line and move Parker down at that point though I have a feeling with LeBlanc having a hip flexor injury he would probably sit in his position until DL is back (rushing a hip flexor injury is a bad bad thing)

Thunnex said...

fun game.. I'll bite...

I'd go with

Rai - Scott - Moller
O'Brien - Nielsen - Parker
Cloud - LeBlanc - Lockhart
Acolatse - Boyer - Richard

In this configuration Wells and Silvester are the odd men out... but you could also move Sena back and sit one of the younger D guys and insert one of those two.

Quite honestly... IF Moller came here and everyone got healthy at the same time those are 4 really strong lines.

Kodi said...

Moller - Scott - Rai on the same line would be sick!

Imagine all the points each of them would have lol.

Anonymous said...

If everyone were healthy, I'm betting Sena goes back to D, but gets time as a forward on the PP.

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