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Moller not playing...

Oscar Moller is a healthy (presumably) scratch for the Kings this afternoon...

While we can debate the merits of getting 9 minutes a game in the NHL over being sent back to your WHL club, there is no point in debating the merits of sitting in the press box with a suit on over playing 25-30 minutes a night in the WHL. If they aren't going to play him... do him and us a big favor and let him finish the season with the Tbirds.

Wishful thinking still? Maybe... but it also makes a lot of sense if he isn't going to play for the Kings.


Kodi said...

I'm now convinced that Lombardi and Murray are reading your blog and trying to figure out how to make you go mad.

In all seriousness though The Kings need to understand that there is a point where the T-Birds have to decide what is more important...
A rent a player playing X amount of games vs a future second round draft pick. If they hold him for 39 games that puts it at the beginning of March and there is no way I accept that.

Anonymous said...

I think the question we need to ask is what would Moller rather be doing??

stbird said...

He has no choice, but obviously he wants to be in the NHL.

We could use Moller anytime they decide to send him down. Even if it is already playoff time and they send him down, I am happy with that.

Now lets get those four points this weekend and catch Everett.

Lets Go Birds!!

Anonymous said...

Let it go about Oscar Moller! He is better off with the L.A. Kings, practicing, watching, learning from the best players in the world. He has experience on what the NHL is like, from travelling to practicing to strength and conditioning coaches.

What is going to learn playing for Seattle for 15 games? How to play inconsistant hockey from game to game? You think he is will receive better coaching in Seattle?

I know you all think, just because he only playing 9 minutes, he is not learning and improving. Trust me, he is! 9 minutes in the NHL is a hell of a lot better thank playing 25 minutes against the Winterhawks and Chilliwack.

You have to let go, before it takes over your life

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

ummm.. he didnt play today at all. He is learning as much about playing in the NHL sitting in the press box as I would sitting in the stands.

He belongs here now.

Anonymous said...

NO Mike:

You are just being selfish. Its best for Oscar to be in the NHL than for the T-birds.

What does he have to prove in the WHL? nothing...

Brian in Sherwood

Mr Tell13 said...

if they they keep making him a healthy scratch, he is not usefull to the team and he is not learning anything out of it.

Down here he would prove that he can be a dominant player that be part of a winning team.

that said, is it me or Rob is preparing for Moller by splitting up Rai,Scott and O'Brian on different lines?

Anonymous said...

has anyone heard that moller was sent to manchester? I thought you had to be 20 to play in the AHL???

Anonymous said...

Oscar played for Manchester Last year in the playoffs. Played 2 games there

Brian in Sherwood

Anonymous said...

i could be wrong but i believe you cannot play in the A if you STARTED in major junior hockey and you are under 20 yrs old. however, if you start elsewhere you can play before you turn 20.

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