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Moller Activated

I don't think this closes the door on Moller being sent to Seattle, but I think this is a sign that the Kings have intentions on playing him in LA and not in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the chances were pretty slim of this happening anyways. With the Kings being red hot right now I thought that we might actually see this happen. Looks like the Kings are dealing with other injuries right now so this most likely is the end of us getting a huge offensive boost. I was just curious Tyler about who you think the T-birds keep around as 20 year olds next year since this will probably be a tough decision next year... With Hickey all but gone, and O'Brien a slim maybe, that leaves us Rai, Neilsen, Richard, and Shappert. Barring any offseason moves what do you think?

Thunnex said...

Nielsen is a lock. In fact... Nielsen is just about a lock to be your Captain next year.

O'Brien is gone, Hickey is gone... Rai might be gone and I think that will really depend on the depth that Vancouver has at Manitoba. They will want Rai playing regularly and just like with Scott and Toronto this season I think Vancouver will place him where he can play the most.

If Rai is gone the answer seems fairly obvious with Nielsen, Richard and Schappert.

If Rai were to come back... hmmm now it becomes a little tougher.

If you absolutely forced me to make a choice right now... I would say that Nielsen, Richard and Rai are back and Schappert might be the odd man out.

Mr Tell13 said...

the way I am thinking, shappert is back either way(unless they trade for more D) cuz your left with Haber , Warg and Dillon as your top 3

Anonymous said...

I would also bring back Schappert. Then there is the question of what to do with Sena. Does he go back to "D" next season? Also I think Fleming has really improved but he's been playing forward and defense lately, so where does that put his development?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tyler. Schappert is a great kid, but I don't see bringing him back. He's not a force as a 19 and he should be. I don't see giving up any of the other three (Rai, Richard, O'Brien) in favor of keeping him. We may be able to deal him for a younger (18 or 19) d-man to a team who needs to fill a 20 spot.

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