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Hockey Challenge 2014

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I want explanations... I want someone to explain to me how a team can beat Vancouver (the best team in the WHL, apologies to Calgary) and then 5 days later lose 4-0 to Everett.

The officiating was not good in this game and Everett cashed in on 3 of 8 Power Plays and that was clearly the difference in the game... but it didn't have to be the difference in the game.

The inconsistency of this team absolutely drives me crazy... one game we look like a team that has some of the best players in the league and could beat anyone on any given night and the next game we get shutout on 24 shots on the road to an average Everett team.

Am I going nuts? What is the problem here? Players? Coaches? Leadership? (doubtful) Talent? Desire? Injuries? Goaltending? Offense? (tonight clearly) Defense? (other nights clearly)

What is the problem here...???

Let's pretend to be Rob Sumner for about 20 hours. What is the one thing this team has to focus on to find some consistency.


Anonymous said...

Was thinking the exact same thing while I sat in cowbell central tonight with my head in my hands.

Commitment and desire are two things that come to mind.

It's also a fact that mediocre teams look like this.. great one night.. horrible the next. The same can be said of Everett and Kamloops.

Anonymous said...

Also this team is now 9-21 on the road. Why cant they play on the road? I know young teams often struggle away from home but they were young last season as well and went 17-17.

You simply cant take so many penalties on the road when you are a terrible road team. Also except for the Vancouver game (go figure) our PK has been awful as of late.

Anonymous said...

I think you chalk it up to the fact that Seattle, Everett, and Kamloops are very very average teams. Win big games at home, lose road games. Although overall we are probably a better team than Everett. When you are suiting 2 defensemen as forwards and half the team has the flu you probably are in for an uphill climb. Lets hope they get some rest and put on a show in Kent the next two nights. Granted the next two opponents aren't great, the team will have to dig deep to overcome there problems because Portland and Chilliwack have nothing to lose I expect them to show some sort of fight.

Anonymous said...

has anyone notice we play to the level as our opponent. we play a suckie team, we play suckie. we play a good team, we play really good. its been like that all year. whether we win or lose, we play to the others level. its sad because with our talent we should be right behind kelowna. everett is garbage, they are a horrible team this year, and we should beat them everytime. even if we get moeller this year, i dont think we are going to have much of a change.


Anonymous said...

Relax Tyler, After they win two games against the bottom feeders the next two nights you'll be writing out formulas of how and why they match up well against this team or that team!

Thunnex said...

You're probably right!! haha

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of the other commenters. We play to the level of the opponent. Last night, they came out flat, and remained flat for nearly the entire game. Teams often deflate after letting in a late goal in any period, and we allowed the 1st goal of the game (PP!!) with less than a minute left. The birds could have come out on fire in the 2nd but looked just as dead. Hate to say it, but without effort there is no way we have any chance to make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs, no matter who we play.

Anonymous said...

Agreed whole heartedly. That's why we should have been sellers at the deadline!

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