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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Mea Culpa... and a couple of notes.

- It was correctly pointed out to me that Kelowna has actually closed the gap on Spokane for the #3 spot in the Western Conference... so planning for Kelowna in the first round is definitely premature.

Spokane has two games in hand, so they effectively lead Kelowna by 3.7 points (don't ask) but they do have a very tough schedule the rest of the way. Kelowna may end up in 4th, but to assume so is a little bit foolish at this point.

- Also... game photos from Mick White can be found here.

- Rumor has it that Oscar Moller will be sent to Seattle within a week. I don't know this to be true, but I do know that he has to either go back to the Kings or to Seattle by the end of the week.

- A quick statistical word on Seattle's road record. The entire league so far has played 686 road games and earned 650 road points on the season for a win % of .473. Seattle has played 35 road games and earned 23 points for a win % of .329. IF they had played at the league average clip they would have earned about 33 points. So we're looking at them being 10 points below average on the road.

It's not good... but it's also not so horrible that you can say the won't win a road game in the playoffs. Rather than focus on Seattle's record on the road, it is probably more relevant to look at the home records for their possible opponents. Kelowna is 24-7-1 at home and Spokane is 23-8-0. Should the Tbirds have trouble winning on the road in the playoffs, it will probably have as much or more to do with the teams they are playing rather than their own struggles.

- Thom also has a new blog entry up this morning.

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