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Hockey Challenge 2014

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Prospect Updates - 92's

Seattle has a handful of players still on their list that they either drafted or listed later who are not currently with the team. Keep in mind that these players might still join the team for their 17 year old season and they might still turn out to be really excellent players. Greg Scott didn't come to Seattle until his 17 year old year and now is signed and one of the Tbirds best players.

Brandon Carlson - 3rd Round - Defense

Some of you may recall that Carlson was in camp this year and looked like a solid candidate to make the team. With his NCAA eligibility on the line... I suspect the Tbirds weren't sure they could give him enough playing time to burn his options and chose to let him go right before the first exhibition game. Carlson is still listed and I would think the hope is that he comes back next year and is ready to step in to a top 6 defensive role. This season Carlson is playing with the Chicago Missions in the Tier I elite Midget AAA league and has played 33 games with 4 goals and 12 assists to go with 26 PIM's. Carlson also has a shorthanded goal and 2 game winning goals in his total. I think Carlson is a real sleeper here for the Tbirds and it would not shock me to see him step into a Top 6 next year and grow into more playing time from there.

Connor Cleverley - 9th Round - Forward

Cleverley was also in camp this year and after being cut has been playing for the Winnipeg Wild in the Manitoba AAA Midget League. In 25 games he has totaled 14 goals and 16 assists to go along with 20 PIM's and a Plus/Minus rating of +12. The standings were last updated on December 2 and at that point the Wild were 17-2 and in 2nd place in their division. Justin Lachance - 7th Round - Forward Lachance was also in camp this year and has played for the Vancouver NE Chiefs in the BC MML (same team as Connor Sanvido). He has played in 32 games and has 13 goals and 10 assists to go along with 34 PIM's.

Jason Zucker - 4th Round - Forward

Zucker may or may not be another lost cause in the US market. Zucker has committed to Denver University and would enter in the fall of 2010... nobody ever said he couldn't go there and then come to Seattle but for now he seems pointed at the college route. Zucker has played for the Las Vegas Tour Rebels in addition to being selected to the roster for the U.S. U17 World Championships in Port Alberni, BC. His stats with the U-17 team: 46 games played, 19 goals, 10 assists, 53 PIM's and 6 of his goals were of the GWG variety which leads the team.

Jacob Fallon - Listed - Forward

Might as well tackle Fallon right after we tackle Zucker. Fallon was also selected to the US team for the U-17's. He had a hat trick in the Bronze medal game over Canada West. He has previously committed to Michigan. While playing for the American U-17 team he has played in 44 games with 15 goals and 20 assists to go with 36 PIM's.

Tyler Sybil - Listed - Forward

Sybil is actually playing in town for the Kent Valley Selects U-18 AAA Midget team which is coached by former Thunderbirds goaltender Danny Lorenz. Through 35 games, Sybil has played in 32 of them and has 10 goals and 19 assists to go with 88 PIM's. They have actually played several more games since the last update but that is all I have at this point. They were 22-10-3 in those games. Anthony Petruzzelli also plays for Kent and he was in Tbirds training camp, not sure if he is still listed by Seattle.

Jared Crema - Listed - Defense

Probably saved the most interesting one for last. Crema is listed at 6'4" and 190 pounds and plays for the North Island Silvertips of the BC MML. He has played in 34 games and has 10 goals and 12 assists to go with 20 PIM's. The kid lists his long term goals as "NCAA Div. 1 scholarship", which might be the reason why he went undrafted... but with numbers like that it is pretty clear why Seattle decided to list him.


Unknown said...

An idea for a future post/editorial... why is it that the NCAA and CHL can’t figure out a solution that allows players to take a chance in the CHL and retain NCAA eligibility? Why can’t they let, say a 16 y/o play ½ a season? I understand the rules, so perhaps what I'm suggesting is thoughts /ideas for how it could be structured... Maybe this was previously covered in another listing?

Thunnex said...

I honestly wish I had a good answer for you... but here is the truth.

The NCAA considers playing in the CHL a form of being a professional and thus a kid signing a development deal and/or playing in a game with the team forfeits their NCAA eligibility.

Canada obviously interprets the situation differently and that is why players can "graduate" from the WHL and attend Canadian University and also play hockey.

The sad reality is that the NCAA wants to protect their interests and they want to keep as many American born players attending US Colleges as they possibly can. The only way for a player to truly keep their options open is to do what Jim O'Brien did. He went to Minnesota and as a freshman did not get as many minutes as he would have liked and came over to the WHL.

It would be great for the NCAA to realize that the small amount of money these kids get does not make them professional... but I can't see any of those rules changing in the near future.

Trevor's Dad said...

I wonder if USA Hockey also contributes to this. They would rather have US kids playing in the USHL then in the CHL.

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