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Hockey Challenge 2014

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More thoughts on last night's big win...

Seattle scores the final 4 goals of the game last night and picked up a big 2 points over the Lethbridge Hurricanes.

Greg Scott was simply amazing last night scoring 4 times while adding an assist for a 5 point night. Jon Parker had 4 assists and Prab Rai also had a goal and 4 assists on the night.

Scott also missed on a penalty shot in the 2nd period. Metsola stoned him with a big glove save on the play.

Seattle was not great early in this game as they allowed Brody Sutter to walk unmarked into the slot and finish a pass from Brent Henke. The checking and intensity were not quite there in the early going and it allowed Lethbridge to take a 2-1 lead on a Power Play goal by Zach Boychuk mid way through the first period.

Calvin Pickard was not great early, making only 7 saves on 9 shots in the first period and giving up a goal to Boychuk early in the 2nd period but he recovered and played very well the rest of the way giving up only the Power Play goal on the doorstep to Kyle Beach. Ah yes... Mr. Beach.... who gave Lethbridge a very important 4-3 lead with about 15 minutes to play in the game and taunted the crowd after the goal.

But Seattle had the last laugh as Scott chipped in his own rebound over Metsola to tie the game at 4 with over 8 minutes left and Rai gave the Tbirds the lead for good with 3 minutes left off a feed from Scott.

Two minutes later Sena Acolatse stuffed in a rebound off a Jim O'Brien shot and Scott added the empty netter to cap the 5 goal period and give the Tbirds the 7-4 win.

With the win... Seattle moves to within 1 point of Everett who picked up an overtime point last night in Kelowna despite being out shot 47-16 and within 5 points of Kamloops with 2 games still in hand.

Tbirds will have plenty of action coming up and it continues tonight in Tri-City and return home to face the WHL-best Vancouver Giants tomorrow at the ShoWare Center.

The crowd at the Sho last night was awesome and you can literally feel the momentum building in that Arena. The crowds are getting bigger and the Birds are showing a habit of coming back late in games and really setting the crowd on fire.... It would be great to see that again on Sunday and see the Tbirds go for the big upset over the Giants. First things first though as the Tbirds try to get points from a very tough Americans team who also play incredible well at home.


Trevor's Dad said...

Yes great game lastnight. Don't know if it was better then the earlier tri-city game but it was close.

Things I don't like about the new Arena:

Replay screen. This is almost worthless as the camera(s) they use for this are zoomed out so far you can't even see the puck until the very end of the replay when they zoom in. Last night they were able to use the FSN feed for replays and we had great replays with multiple views and it made me realize how bad the normal replays are. I don't expect multiple views but zoom in so I can actually see the replay.

Eating: I miss going to the old Jalisco's restaurant before the game. The waitresses at the old Jalisco's were vey attentive and took great care of you. The restaurants at the mall are typically jammed pregame. I have been going to the Torreros right off 167 now but I'm unable to have a drink or two before the game like I used to because I have to drive to the arena. And the food at the arena is pretty bad. I wish they did what they do in Tri-Cites. In Tri-Cities they lease the food stands out to local restaurants and the food is great and the selection has great variety.

Parking: Leaving Kent if you aren't one of the first ones out can be painful. At Key I was able to take a left turn out of the parking garage and a right turn in front of the musuem and boom I was coming down 3rd street.

Goal Horn. We need a goal horn. I am so sick of the Hey song. Give us a proper goal horn and a new goal song.

Thunnex said...

I say this purposely for dramatic effect... but the day the Tbirds stop playing Rock and Roll (the hey song) is the day I cancel my season tickets and close the blog.

Rock and Roll after goals is what the Tbirds have been doing my entire life and while I do think its cheesy... I think tradition is extremely important.

I do think we need a goal horn... no reason why you cant have the goal horn go off when you score and play Rock and Roll off the end of the horn.

Trevor's Dad said...

So to sum up watching games at the new arena is much improved there are many things about Key I do miss. And from talking with other season ticket holders I hear similar complaints.

Also am I the only one aggravated by the zamboni drivers? It is like watching my 10 year old son cut the grass the way leave uncut portions of ice. Also one guy always accelerates and slides through the corner leaving the ice torn up from the skidding studded tire.

And on a funny note did anyone see the reader board at Kent Commons. It said something like "Thunderbirds Hockey Tonight!!!" followed immediately by "No Showare Parking".

Trevor's Dad said...

Anyone know why Pickard only played the first 43 seconds of the game?

Thunnex said...

Jake started and made 14 saves on 14 shots and then suddenly left the game and now its 4-1 and the game is almost effectively over. Unreal... I hope Jake is alright but I have no idea what just happened.

Anonymous said...

Eating: Agreed. Poppa's is typically packed on the Friday and Saturday night games, ok mid-week. We have actually been eating in Renton lately and driving down.

Parking: Park at the RJC across the street. Stick around, watch the three stars and you are out of the lot in 5 minutes even from the second floor.

Goal Horn: I hate them. Gary Glitter's "Rock'n'Roll (part 2)" has been used since the Breaker days. Still love it.

FSN/Shaw Feed: Interesting to watch the game on it after the fact. Nice interview with Farwell, said they expect a decision on Moller by the end of the week. Robinson said the WHL will evaluate helmets being removed during fights in the off-season. Beach got pelted with some chuck a pucks during his interview.

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